Neutrik XXCR

Transparent coding ring which allows an individual customized labeling, branding, coding etc. Just place an individual coloured and or lettered paper or tape (eg. Brothers) inside the ring.

Box of 100 pcs.

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Colour coding rings are available to fit over the shell at the base of the gland, and are 6mm wide. They are suitable for use with standard 6mm wide labelling machine tapes. A transparent version enables labels to be fitted inside the ring, ensuring durability in use.

They can be fitted whilst new connectors are being assembled, but can also be retrofitted to existing connectors by unscrewing the gland, sliding the shell off the connector insert, fitting the ring over the back of the shell, then reassembling. The wire connection to the insert and contacts remains intact during the process.

Available in ten colours plus transparent. 

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Brand Neutrik
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