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Midas’ heritage is real

Midas has been designing and manufacturing audio consoles since the early 1970s. Midas consoles are currently being used around the world by audio engineers largely in the live sound realm. Midas digital consoles are known for somewhat steep learning curve. Today Midas is part of the most dynamically developing Pro Audio group of companies: Music Tribe.
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The "Million Cycle" MIDAS PRO FADER

One of the first projects that MIDAS embarked upon utilised the large scale manufacturing resources of the MUSIC Tribe and created the million-cycle MIDAS PRO FADER, which greatly exceeds the operational life of motorised faders fitted to competitor consoles.
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The Future Sound of MIDAS & KLARK TEKNIK

For over 40 years MIDAS and KLARK TEKNIK have repeatedly shown award-winning innovation and leadership in the world of high end professional audio, producing landmark products that have defined and shaped the live industry.
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1970 - The Stanhope Street Years

The explosion of musical talent in 1960’s Beatlemania Britain also gave rise to a nascent electronic musical instrument industry and as the swinging sixties gave way to the rather less swinging but musically more progressive 1970’s a company called MIDAS amplification was formed in London by Jeff Byers and Charles Brooke, manufacturing transistorised guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinets.
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