devolo dLAN 500 WiFi Network Kit Powerline

dLAN 500 WiFi Network Kit Powerline
D 9096

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  • High-speed data transmission at up to 500 Mbps.
  • Compatible with all adapters of the 200/500/550/650/1200 product series.
  • The LAN connection lets you go online with your Internet-compatible devices at any time using a network cable (e.g. game console, television or media receiver).
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Finally, Wi-Fi anywhere.

Finally, Wi-Fi reception in any room! Smartphones, tablets and laptops have full reception anywhere without any problems. Fast and stable—right where your Wi-Fi network has been weakest. An additional device can be connected at any time (such as a smart TV or game console) using the LAN connection.


Best connection

Better than any Wi-Fi repeater: devolo uses the household electrical wiring for the connection. This ensures that the full bandwidth is available at any power socket - quite unlike a Wi-Fi repeater.


Wifi Move Technology

WiFi Move Technology is the intelligent expansion of your existing Wi-Fi network. This ensures the best Wi-Fi reception throughout the house - and fully automatic at that.


Easy using

Installation as easy as child‘s play. Just unpack it, plug it in and get started


Sample applications:

Home networking made easy


Easily goes through walls and ceilings: Boundless Wi-Fi reception throughout the home. You can also connect an Internet-compatible device via LAN.


Wi-Fi anywhere - Simply. Always. Connected.


You always have an automatic wireless connection with WiFi Move Technology - with the best and fastest connection.

Additional Information / devolo dLAN 500 WiFi Network Kit Powerline

Brand devolo
Number of LAN ports 1 piece
Transfer rate max. 300 Mbps (WiFi), max. 500 Mbps
Product status regular
Company name City Availability Shipping Price Price

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