beyerdynamic TG D52d

Dynamic clip-on microphone (hypercardioid) for drum miking

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Those who prefer dynamic microphones for picking up sound from toms
choose the TG D52d.

The clip-on microphone can be mounted in a flash and optimally positioned thanks to the gooseneck. The TG D52d provides powerful sound with notably good channel separation; crosstalk from nearby instruments is reduced. Even extremely close miking is possible because the TG D52d can operate at enormously high-pressure levels.

Additional Information / beyerdynamic TG D52d

Brand Beyerdynamic
Microphone type dynamic microphone
Area of use stage/studio
Connections XLR - balanced
On-off switch no
Accessories included bag


  •  Treble resonator for optimal high-frequency reproduction
  •  Special sound holes and special acoustic fabric shape the polar pattern
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