beyerdynamic Stegos CB

Charger for Stegos TB wireless boundary microphone

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Conjunction with the CA 2458 mains charger adapter (supplied with Stegos TB) the Stegos CB charger is used for charging the rechargeable batteries inside the Stegos TB boundary microphone.

Additional Information / beyerdynamic Stegos CB

Brand Beyerdynamic
Pro audio acc. type charger adapter
For which product microphones
Power Supply 15V


  •  Charger for one Stegos TB boundary microphone
  •  DC connector for CA 2458 mains charger adapter (supplied with Stegos TB)
  •  Integrated optical conductor to display the status of the rechargeable battery of the microphone
  •  Max. charging time of 2 hours
  •  Integrated magnets for connect several chargers mechanically
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