beyerdynamic MPR 211 B

Desktop microphone Unit with Revoluto Technology, black

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The MPR 211 is a desktop microphone with many different functions. Depending on the application, the operating mode ON/OFF, Push-To-Talk (PTT) or Push-To-Mute (PTM) can be selected at the bottom of the microphone unit. The different functions are controlled by a micro-controller.

The Revoluto technology with integrated microphone capsules provides a so-called corridor characteristic which ensures a wide range of good voice quality. Within this range the speaker can move freely, i.e. can stand up or sit down, move his/her head and move towards or away from the microphone.

The MPR 211 is turned on/off with a silent microphone button. The illuminated LED on the microphone button and the LED on the left hand side indicate that the microphone is ready to speak into. The MPR 211 is ideal as desktop microphone for discussions, tele/video conferencing and announcements.

The MPR 211 can also be operated with an external control contact. As a choice the built-in microphone button is switched on or off. An external device (e.g. mixing amplifier for announcements) can be triggered via the control output when operating the microphone button (e.g. mixing amplifier for announcements). These basic functions are possible: Autonomous, Remote and External Logic.

Additional Information / beyerdynamic MPR 211 B

Brand Beyerdynamic Pro
Microphone type Revoluto microphone
Area of use conference
Connections XLR - balanced
Characteristics corridor
On-off switch yes
Accessories included cable(s)


  •  “Intelligent”, microprocessor-controlled microphone unit
  •  ON/OFF, Push-To-Talk and Push-To-Mute functions
  •  Revoluto Technology
  •  Corridor characteristic
  •  State-of-the-art metal casing
  •  LEDs
  •  Silent microphone button
  •  Linear frequency response with high bandwidth
  •  Operating modes: Autonomous, Remote, Ext. Logic
  •  Bare-ended connecting cable
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