beyerdynamic MPC 65 V SW

Beyerdynamic Pro
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Boundary microphone, condenser, semi-cardioid, pre-amplifier, black

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The MPC 65 is recommended for telephone and video conference systems, sound reinforcement, installations in churches, and wherever high quality speach reproduction requires that the microphone be small and unobtrusive. The MPC 65’s semicardioid response makes it ideal where multiple microphones are required.

Additional Information / beyerdynamic MPC 65 V SW

Brand Beyerdynamic Pro
Microphone type condenser microphone
Area of use industrial
Characteristics semi cardiod
On-off switch no
Accessories included cable(s)


  •  Semi-cardioid response 
  •  Low profile with small footprint and surface mountable 
  •  Phantom power 12 - 48 V 
  •  Higher gain before feedback over typical boundary microphones 
  •  Low-cut filter eliminates low frequency rumble and unwanted surfacebound noise 
  •  Available in matt black or off-white 
  •  Available with various terminations
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