Product categories

Connect accessory

Neutrik SCF
Rean BRT-L
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Pro audio accessory

BOSE Showmatch SM10WG55
BOSE FreeSpace 3 omni kit
beyerdynamic WS 740/834
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Accessory On the go

BOSE StayHear+ Sport tips M smoke
BOSE In-Ear/Mobile In-Ear headphone tips Middle 2 pairs
Pioneer XDP-APC30-H
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Home accessory

BOSE UTS20/UFS20 II adapter bracket, black
BOSE OmniJewel satellite wall bracket, black
BOSE WB120, black
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Car audio accessory

Pioneer CD-SR1
Pioneer AVG-VDP1
Pioneer UD-SW84S
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DJ accessory

Pioneer DJ DJC-1X BAG
Pioneer DJ PRO-350FLT-P
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Accessories are secondary items that add to the features, complete or protect the main product. On this page you'll find accessories available for various categories of products in this store.

Accessories for products in our category Sweet home, provide greater comfort or enhance the use of our products of top sound or picture quality – cables, remote controls, power supplies, racks, protectors etc.

If you are on the go, you may want to enjoy music with a portable audio device such as a pair of headphones, Bluetooth- or other multimedia speakers. These quality devices can be better used by having the right accessories. You might find here bags, carrying cases and other accessories, such as tools.

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